London, UK The word “troubadour” comes from the medieval era, when these entertainers would travel from town to town and share stories through songs. Similarly, each bag has a story behind the design, behind the people who made them, and will go on to tell the stories of all its travels, sights seen, and people met along the way. Founders Samuel Bail and Abel Samet desperately sought for the perfect traveling bag that they could take anywhere, from their business trips to their outdoor adventures. Once realizing they were going to have to make it themselves, they embarked on an 18-month European escapade to find the best of the best artisans and makers, ultimately resulting in the bag of their envisioned dreams. The intention was not to start a business, but due to the overwhelming response from their friends and acquaintances, they were encouraged to follow their true paths and develop their own brand, Troubadour. Troubadour features premium accessories with a clean and modern aesthetic, incredible craftsmanship, and long lasting quality that ages beautifully and performs in all environmental conditions.

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