Briana Swords studied Fashion Design at Pratt Institute. She spent a decade working as a womenswear designer before launching SWORDS-SMITH. After working at large global brands for years, she was compelled to flip the script and open a business focusing on young designers and art in fashion. Briana is a natural leader who is passionate about intentional design and creativity in the fashion industry.

R Smith is an award winning, cross-disciplinary designer with 20 years digital experience. His work includes branded identities, editorial publications, social strategies, digital products and more. His experience creating engaging, interactive products has shaped how digital content is consumed. He is proud to have worked with some of the most iconic and culturally innovative brands in the world including: Ace Hotel, Adidas, Bleacher Report, Leica, Motown, The New York Times, Ray-Ban and Vogue.

SWORDS-SMITH carried hundreds of designers across womenswear, menswear, accessories and jewelry, with retail pricing ranging from contemporary to young designer. We also carried a successful unisex offering. We worked with designers who told stories and created collections that were interesting and intentionally outside of mainstream, mass-market fashion. Many of our designers had strong cult followings and used a creative or inspiration-driven design process.

Our store was a space to collaborate with other creatives and build community. We created unique product collaborations and immersive in-store retail experiences with Calico Wallpaper, Print All Over Me, Marimekko, Kowtow, Areware and more. SWORDS-SMITH also had an in-house collection, designed and made in NYC.

Swords-Smith sought out responsible, creative and thoughtful people who were pursuing a career in fashion. We were a growing independent business with a tight-knit team and a start-up mentality. Our team consisted of problem solvers and innovators with ambitious goals and independent values.

The customer experience was the most important part of our business and our drive to exceed client expectations guided everything we did. Our client-services team delivered a high level of personalized customer service in-store and online. Meticulous attention to detail, creative merchandising and personalization were necessary skills.

We wanted our customers to feel good about spending their money at SWORDS-SMITH, a company that supported their values. We cultivated a tight-knit creative community in-store, online and within our team. We believed strongly in creating a diverse, inclusive working environment and that representation matters.