Yohji Yamamoto has been on the forefront of Japanese avant-garde design for nearly half a century. Preferring to call himself a "dressmaker" as opposed to a "fashion designer," Yamamoto applies his expert tailoring skills to create garments that emphasize volume instead of simply being oversized.

To this end, Yamamoto believes an understanding of "space" is integral to the design process; both the space between the wearer and the garment, and between the garment and its environment.

Y's, the designer's first brand, was founded in 1972 on this principle of space. Wanting to design clothes for women that felt both flattering and protective, Y's started as a way for Yamamoto to produce "men's clothes for women." In the decades since, the label continues to design and manufacture clothing in Japan that is at once romantic, challenging, and undeniably elegant.

Images courtesy of Yohji Yamamoto

By R Smith — March 16, 2019