The team at Swords-Smith is really into music. Over the years, we've curated a lot of fantastic playlists for the store (50 and counting). Music is such an important part of our daily lives, and something we use to help our customers have a wonderful and welcoming experience in our shop. We thought it would be a great time to open the vault and share our Spotify playlists - some of them uplifting, some eclectic and most have 10+ hours of music. Enjoy!

Pleasure Cruise for Mr. Business
Returning from a buying trip to Japan, we were thinking a lot of about Japanese culture and their love for American culture. This playlist features mix of Japanese pioneers such as Haruomi Hosono along with a mix of futuristic songs of the late 70s and early 80s – Donna Summer, Buggles, XTC and more. It aims to provide an imaginary vacation escape into the future via the past. Listen Now >>


Mint Summer Ice
While we have quite a few playlists inspired by the energy of summer, Mint Summer Ice is one of my favs. I wanted it to have songs that make you feel good, but also feel appropriate for a night drive with the windows down. It blends 80s hip hop of Slick Rick, 70s funk/soul of Cymande, Funkadelic and Betty Davis, while also featuring current sounds from US Girls and John Maus. Listen Now >>


Work 2 Work
I had been thinking about curating music around a loose concept, while still capturing a mood, when a client (thanks Corey) mentioned "there are a lot of songs about work". I loved the idea of using 'work' and how we define work, as a loose structure for a new collection of songs. Work as labor – The Working Man by CCR, work as seduction – Prince's Let's Work; work, as money/status – Rich Girl by Hall & Oates. The majority of tracks are less literal, favorites include TomTomClub, Brasil's Tim Maia and a pair of tracks from Ike & Tina's 1969 instrumental album "Black Man's World". Listen Now >>


Winter is Over (Almost)

Every year, we get to March and the weather starts to turn. You can feel spring coming, but know it's still going to snow at least once more. It's so close, but never close enough. This playlist is for those days – uplifting and optimistic but sprinkled with minor key sobering tracks and chillwave gems.

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 D.I.Y. (Youth Love)

There was a time not long ago when our neighborhood of South Williamsburg had some of the best music venues in NYC for discovering new emerging bands. This playlist is an ode to those bands and that time along with many others (RIP Death by Audio).

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By R Smith — June 04, 2020