Berlin-based Tata Christiane is not afraid to be bold, loud and veer off into the absurd, producing unique 'street garments' along with some of Berlin's most fun and extraverted designs. The artful creations read like dense collages, new discoveries emerging with each glance. The juxtaposition of materials, colors and layering of textures produce statement garments that are poetic yet rebellious.

Tata Christiane Piecedwork Dress

Originally from Marseille, Julie Bourgeois and Gabriel Santini, founded Tata Christiane in 2007 in Berlin. They design all their own prints and hand make garments using small regional production. They view their pieces as a "vision of the street costume, it proposes an absurd and disturbing vision of plays with the borders of elegance"  

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Tata Christiane Cropped Patchwork Cardigan

By R Smith — November 18, 2019