cotton production by Kowtow

Kowtow believes deeply in sustainability. This is the major keystone of their business and it guides everything they do. Their mission is to dress independent women who do not wish to compromise on style or ethics.

The brand has amassed a cult following over the past ten years - some ecologically minded and others who are simply fans of their minimalist design aesthetic and unique point of view. 


Kowtow's India production

All Kowtow styles are made from 100% organic, non-GMO, fair-trade certified cotton. They work much further in advance than most designers (about 6 months) since their product is made from "seed to garment". Using their own ethical production chain, Kowtow creates apparel that is accountable from start to finish. Their manufacturing partners pay fair wages and provide benefits to their workers.


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Organic Cotton. Organically farmed and free from genetically modified seeds to benefit the soil, cotton and farmers. Crops are rain-fed and hand-picked. Organic farming is achieved through companion planting, crop rotation and on-site green waste composting to curb the use of chemicals harmful to farmers and their families.

Fair Trade. Empowering farmers to negotiate with buyers to secure better prices for their cotton. Every season, certified farmer groups receive a premium to be spent on community projects such as medical costs, irrigation schemes to conserve rainwater, books and clothes for school children, farmer education, training and upgrades.

Sustainability. Working with sustainably accredited suppliers. This is not only for our cotton but also for the trims, labels, tags, packaging, paper and shipping, all the way down to the coffee.

Printing & Dyeing. Prints and fabrics are dyed using Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) approved water based ink, which is free of chlorine bleach, toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde and aromatic solvents. GOTS ensures sustainable use and treatment of water used in the dyeing process.

Manufacturing. Garments are made at SA8000 accredited factories in India. Social Accountability Accreditation Services (SAAS) is an independent audit which ensures workers receive the following benefits: guaranteed minimum wage, social security fund, pension fund, paid holiday leave, sick pay, medical insurance, subsidized lunches, overtime pay, workplace unions and free transport to their workplace.

Images courtesy of Kowtow


By R Smith — March 09, 2017