When friends ask us why we started Swords-Smith, think about the values that we share with our current clients and what it means to build something different, something special, something better. We have worked as designers, we went to art school, we live in the neighborhood and we have strong ideas and opinions. While personal style can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, the values that we come back to most are creative, independent and genuine.

CREATIVE.  We approach our curation by seeking out products and designers with a strong point-of-view. A focus on creative process, experimentation and discovery.

INDEPENDENT.  We champion independent style and personal expression. We founded SWORDS-SMITH to share and support emerging talented designers and to connect with other like-minded individuals and build community. 

GENUINE.  We champion independent style and personal expression. Our team goes to great lengths to seek out unique products that have a story.

We are ambitious. 
We work in a creative field.
We are entrepreneurs.
We are diverse.
We are informed.
We are cultured.
We fill our homes beautiful things. 
We travel.
We are well connected.
We give back.
We take risks.
We live in our neighborhood and support small businesses.
We have high expectations (of people and of products).
We value design.
We are activists.
We are not afraid to experiment.
We want to feel taken care of and value self care.
We think for ourselves.
We are interesting.
We value success.

We are creative.
We are independent.
We are genuine.


By R Smith — September 14, 2019