Gold Plucked Wood Chicken by Mr Somebody + Mr Nobody

Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody Gold Plucked Wood Chicken

Mr Somebody + Mr Nobody Gold Plucked Wood Chicken. After being plucked from Ghana, these chickens took a long international flight and now they can be used just about anywhere any how, but Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody thinks they should be hung on your walls.  Limited-edition, hand-carved and painted chickens are made in Ghana from Sesi wood, which is used by the curio carvers there. Glorious golden chicken with insignia measures 15" x  9". 

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About the Designer

More by Mr Somebody and Mr Nobody New York + Miami Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody is a design collaboration between South African born Heidi Chisholm and Sharon Lombard. These female gents are trotting out domestic goods steeped in African wit and proverbial wisdom. Their radio boxes, carved plucked chickens and multi-use khanga cloths whomp quirky African humor and style.